Important Notice

Please be informed that all clients of the E-mail Company have been acquired by Domain Merchandising Services, Inc (DMSI). Effective immediately, your account will now be serviced by DMSI.

All payments must now be made to Domain Merchandising Services, Inc.

If you have any questions about your account or the transfer to Domain Merchandising Services, Inc, please call 6372104 to 05 or email

Thank you.


Providing email solutions has been our business since internet was introduced in the Philippines in 1989. Our company takes pride in providing robust, reliable, secure, and customizable hosting service that can satisfy even the most stringent requirements at reasonable price.

Co-Location For businesses that require faster time-to-market solutions with reduced risk to their operations, outsourcing through co-location is the answer. Click here for details.

Web Hosting -EMC can offer cost-effective web hosting services through a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) web-hosting solution. Through the VDS solution, EMC clients can have the benefits of a dedicated server at the cost of a shared server environment. Click here for details.

vmh logoVirtual Mail Hosting - robust, affordable email + web hosting solution for companies who have DSL/Cable connection that lack the capability to self-manage a mail/web server. Click here for details.

DSL Manager Lite - Linux-based internet Network server that allows you to manage your LAN and Emails. Loaded with extra features to help your business establish its identity online at very affordable price! Click here for details.

Broadband Manager - Powerful and affordable Linux-based Internet network server designed for larger companies with intricate intranet and internet requirements. Click here for details.